Friday, February 03, 2006

What is my goal for this blog?

I could never dream of asking the U.S. 2008 Olympic athletes to give up a dream. I think that the Olympics is a great way for countries across the globe to get together as a community and get involved in something that all those countries have in common.I think that it is both a wonderfully peaceful and positive thing, and we should not boycott it. What I desire is that the U.S. 2008 Olympic athletes,as a representative of me, educate themselves so that they can be well informed on the issues of the Tibetan's freedom and the Chinese government. So that, while they are in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics they can be well prepared to discuss the issues, when addressed. I am here to supply those Olympic athletes, and anyone concerned with the issues in Tibet, the resources and information needed to discuss and understand these issues. I am not here to give you my opinions but give you the knowledge and statistics you need, so that you can be conscious of the issues taking place in Tibet and come up with your own conclusions.